Grabbing Onto Your Summer Before It gets Away and you Live With All That Regret

Summer is short and summer is fleeting and you do not want to be facing Labor Day with a bunch of regrets of things you could have and should have done to make the summer a great time. There are so many people who put off till tomorrow what they should be doing today and there you go, they die and never get to see that happy tomorrow. That whole notion of seeing the world and traveling when you are older, after retiring, is just a fantasy, that doesn’t happen, so don’t live for tomorrow, live for right now. Wouldn’t you rather be happy now – if you are always happy “now” you’ll never be looking forward to a time when you will be happy, since you’ll always be happy “now.” Why wait? here are some things you can do to be happy now, and enjoy this fleeting summer.

Buy A Cool New Car


Don’t wait for your old hunk of junk t break down on you and leave you stranded on the side of the road, then you scrounge for change to get whatever new junky car you can find. No, live for the now, and get a summer set of wheels that’ll make you happy to be alive and will show others that you have a lust for life. For example, a Nissan Xterra is great car for the summer and will be reliable like the Nissan brand. See what we’re talking bout by checking out the newest Xterras at Temecula Nissan. You may be surprised how sweet they actually are, and affordable. Look at them online at Metro Nissan Redlands. You’ll be pretty pumped you decided to live for today and not for tomorrow.

Go On A Vacation


I love when people tell me they’re going to travel the world some time in the future. What is the future? The future is never, ever here. It’s literally impossible to do something in the future. You can only do something right now. The future is a myth designed by the man to keep you down. Forget it. Buy tickets to Hawaii right now and live a little. That future trip will be upon you and you will literally be getting on a plane and going to Hawaii instead of thinking about how maybe someday you will. Don’t die with a laundry list of things you never did. Who does that impress?

Shut Off the TV and Go Outside


Sometimes we spend so much time staring at our little screens, whether it be our phones or our pads or our computers. We can’t help but have our eyes glazed over and our brains atrophy. Forget it. Shut off your machines and your gadgets, leave your phone at home, and go outside. Look up. Look around. Smell the world. Open your eyes. Even doing this an hour a day will give you renewed life and a sense of what’s important.

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