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Jaguar Land Rover has announced the development of the SVR, Special Vehicle Operations, to tackle projects outside the usual scope of manufacturing and engineering. Limited-run vehicles, personalization, heritage vehicles and branded goods will all fall under the control of what is being described as a business in just a business. John Edwards, managing director of SVR, explained, Tata has given us freedom, autonomy and, most importantly, the confidence to do this allReturning To The Future

In the event that anyone has become living off the grid for quite a while, Tata Motors, an Indian company, bought Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford in 2008. And it’s had the great sense to deliver resources and money to drag both marques from the Blue Oval blues.

At this year’s Monterey Car Week, JLR rolled out the very first three fruits of SVR’s labors. Within a move that probably wouldn’t have been possible under previous overlords, Jaguar is building 250 types ofBack To The Future

Project 7 was named in honor from the seven Le Mans victories in Jaguar’s history. Design director Ian Callum explained how the car’s styling originated with a sketch of a modern sports car inspired by the D-Type. I love this car, he explained. It’s rebellious and shows what you can do if you put imagination into something.

European-spec cars will get a lower windshield with lowered seats, while Usa cars will stick with standard windshield and seats. Other exterior modifications will be shared.

Special vehicle operations SVR jaguar project 7 passenger side rear quarter view 05

Special vehicle operations SVR jaguar project 7 driver side front view 06

Special vehicle operations SVR jaguar project 7 driver side front view 07

A greater front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser and rear wing are constructed of carbon increase and fiber the Project 7’s downforce by 177 percent compared with an ordinary F-Type convertible. Output from the supercharged 5.-liter V8 has risen to 575 hp, which Jaguar claims will result in sprinting from to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds.

Project 7 isn’t pretty much performance. To the right ones, though it’s also about building something special and it’s an announcement that the real passion is back, along with the courage to build a limited-run car that won’t interest everyone.using its maiden SVR offering. The Product Range Rover Sport SVR takes the current most rapid of Rovers for the finest fringe of performance technology. The 550hp SVR has a claimed -to-60-mph duration of 4.5 seconds. But more impressive is a Nurburgring Nordschleife lap of 8 minutes, 14 seconds. Even with all the on-road performance, the RRS SVR is still as capable off-road as the standard Sport model. Land Rover USA’s Brand Vice President Kim McCullough said, We always have to be mindful of our core values and expand from that point. Technology has made it feasible to build a car with this kind of performance without having to sacrifice off the road. No matter what, that’s a Land Rover badge on there.

Again, McCullough gave credit to Tata for the ability to do that. Under previous ownership, this would have been seen as a distraction. If your run of 250 cars is still too mass-market along with a luxury SUV with sports vehicle performance too predictable, then the Continuation Lightweight E-Type might be more your speed, but with M and AMG building vehicles in this category, customers expect a vehicle this way from Land Rover..could possibly be better compared to the originals. While they will be faithful reproductions, they can be built to the first drawings rather than patterned following a particular car. In the early ’60s, quality control and manufacturing tolerances weren’t what they are today. Should you compare dimensions and individual components of a pair of the original E-Type Lightweights, you may think they were the latest models of. Variances in critical dimensions like track and wheelbase, even overall length and height, could nearly be measured in inches. Together with the new cars, these variances will be measured in thousandths of an inch.

Fans of Land and Jaguar Rover will contend that cars just like the XKRS-GT and Autobiography Range Rovers were the precursors for all this. Maybe they were. The formation of SVR, however, shows a long-term dedication to vehicles that perhaps don’t make perfect logical sense but fulfill an emotional need that were missing through the lineups. Embracing the heritage of these legendary marques, while exploring the future by melding it using the latest innovations, is a winning formula.

Apparently Projects 10, 8 and 9 are actually under method for SVR, and we will see another one within 12 to eighteen months. It could be anything from another continuation car to a different fast Jag. No matter which way it goes, the rest of the industry will be watching. The British are coming back and coming back fast.

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