1999 Honda Civic – The Takeover


The continued growth of USDM car culture in Japan is an intriguing one. What started out as just a mere meshing of styles by a couple of individuals has developed into a national movement. In its infancy, USDM style lacked true understanding by Japanese car enthusiasts. They collected ideas from whatever they saw on the net, and a number of the styles they attempted to reproduce weren’t always what true American import car culture was about-they were only the flashiest. Car guys in Japan were just attracted by whatever was the furthest using their norm. It wasn’t till the last few years when they really started to determine whatcenter and dashboard console in sexy suede.

USDM style has expanded exponentially in Japan these last year or two because of the Internet. Today, USDM fanatics in Japan can adapt our styling cues every single day. The lines of communication are plentiful and enthusiasts here are more than willing to provide photos, knowledge and video and more whenever needed. Our tuning philosophy is better understood because it is documented daily and it is readily available around the world. Information, however bountiful, is merely as valuable as it is interpreted. If there was a group of enthusiasts from Japan that truly “”obtain it”” and understand USDM Honda styling, it might be the guys from Tactical Art. Located in a tiny shop in Osaka, the Tactical Art crew has long been immersed in USDM car life. You’ve actually seen a couple of their builds before in Super Street. When they first started modifying their particular Hondas with this particular style, it was actually largely based on what they saw via the Internet. It had been a fusion of traditional Osaka chic and budding trends in the U.S. In the past 2 years, they have elevated their work tomight appear a bit “”simple”” for many of yourself who regularly encounter modified EK Civic hatchbacks (specifically in white), but you have to consider where this car came from and how it came together. In Osaka, it’s pretty rare to discover a well-rounded build of this caliber. Most Hondas in that region are typically race cars or race-themed vehicles that resemble the old Civic one-make races of yesteryear. You’d be amazed if you awakened one day and expected to notice a Honda that was built from the floor up with a custom enginebay and paint, and interior work. It’s nothing like they have an inability to pull it off, it simply isn’t a norm that may be characteristic of their car culture.

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