Car Safety Features Which May Save Your Life

It’s a pretty scary thought which must pop into every driver’s head from time to time. There you are driving long without a care in the world when you glance down to switch channels on the radio just at the point that the truck in front of you jumps on the brakes. Wouldn’t it be great if your car could brake automatically helping to avoid any collision?


Well, this technology and much more like it actually exists already. Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to make vehicles safer with many of these safety features finding their ways into ordinary, everyday, moderately priced cars.
Next time you pop into riverside fiat or any other dealers looking for a change of wheels perhaps you should worry less about the make, model or color and concentrate more on the safety features which are fitted to the car.
Here are a few of the ones you should watch out for:
Adaptive Cruise Control – this innovation uses radar like cameras and sensors to keep an eye on the distance between your vehicle and the one in front. If the vehicle in front slows down your car will slow down too in order to maintain a safe driving distance. The vehicle will then speed up again along with the traffic.
Forward Collision Avoidance Systems – uses the same sort of technology and alerts drivers if the vehicle is getting a little bit too close to the one ahead.


Autonomous Braking – this kicks in if the driver fails to respond to previous warning systems. Some of these systems can brake automatically to help avoid a collision or at least lessen the impact. The most effective systems are a combination of forward collision warning with auto braking.
Backup Cameras – these were once only available on the top end luxury vehicles but are now available on many mid range cars. The camera will be displayed either in the rear view mirror or on a dash display and gives drivers a clear view when they are reversing into a parking space or down the drive.
Reversing Sensors – can be used either with or without the backup cameras. The sensors will basically beep whenever you get too close to something as you back up, and the closer you get the louder or more frequent the beeps will become.
Parking Assist – if you get a little bit anxious about trying to squeeze into tight parking spots this could be the feature for you. Many newer models of car are fitted with a feature which detects the space and size available for parking and guides you to the correct starting position to parallel park. You can then take your hands from the steering wheel and leave the tricky part to the computer as your car is backed perfectly into the space as if by magic . . how awesome is that?


Why not pop down to OC Fiat and see the great selection of new and used motors they have for sale. Many of the newer vehicles will have a selection of safety features fitted as standard whereas others may be available as an extra. Advances in technology really are helping the world . . . and the road become a safer place to be and to drive, so it makes perfect sense to take full advantage whenever possible don’t you think?
Remember to ask about any safety features on any of the vehicles which take your fancy. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry after all.

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