2004 Honda S2000 – Lemon Drop Top


Of all of the cars in Honda’s long lineup in the last few decades, none contain as much crossover appeal as being the S2000. For each and every Prelude or Civic owner that advanced to own one of several roadsters, there are actually just as many newcomers on the community that set out to findfeatures of a winner, specifically in the general public’s eye. RWD, convertible, a rev-happy engine, and a chassis blessed with incredible handling – it’s got every one of the makings of the perfect weekend car, yet its reliability means daily driving isn’t a problem at all. And currently, with over a decade under its belt, used Honda S2000 are incredibly affordable. Of course, with the much access now granted, the number of modified versions has risenYou can find S2000 project cars scattered all over the country today, and they appear to grow most popular every year. Some are well don’t and done stray too far through the intended feel, look and purpose from the car, while others – well, they seem to be in a race to view who can bolt-about the most “”””stuff.”””” Scott Healy, owner with this gorgeous Rio Yellow AP2, will never win an award for the best pieces of flair added to his two-seater, and thatas soon as he laid eyes with a magazine article back in 1999. Later replaced it when the Spa Yellow version was introduced, although the moment the car hit dealer showrooms, Healy jumped all over a Silverstone model. His second S2000 seemed to be cursed because it never quite ran soon after adding a supercharger, and check out as he might, Healy couldn’t zero in on the problem. After dealing with the entire summer without being able to drive his convertible, he decided he’d had an ample amount of the frustration, and purchased another Honda S2000, this perioda set of 18×8/18×9.5 BBS LM wheels plus a trunkful of audio, Healy decided to hunt down an entire interior from the CR trimmed S2000, Honda’s track-oriented version of the roadster. Door to door yellow stitching from the factory, combined with the Kevlar-like materials on the seat centers, provided a perfect complement to the car’s lemon exterior. To continue the yellow and black theme, Healy somehow convinced Downforce USA to produce their diffuser kit in carbon Kevlar as opposed to the standard carbon fiber, and just like that the appearanceThere’s always room to get more power, as amazing because the Honda S2000’s F-series is. Much like his previous build, the car would not run right, although a Full Race Pro Street turbo kit was next on the agenda. investigation, Tuning and troubleshooting eventually led back to at fault – a faulty air/fuel gauge. The problematic meter was used in both cars and caused more headaches than Healy wish to admit. With the problem solved, the car was finally complete and his tuning woes were long gone.

Scott Healy’s 2004 Honda S2000 is a shining example of what simple, well thought out mods can do to aIn late 1993, when Acura announced the third generation Integra, it was actually met with mixed reviews. Aesthetically, the four circular lights up front were so far pulled from the second gen’s sleek, streamlined lamps that many had no interest in a vehicle. Others, however, after having experienced the new Integra’s user-friendly cabin, excellent handling and new B18C power plant, were far more interested in how the car drove instead ofThe folks overseas in Japan, Europe along with other markets were treated to higher performing and much better looking options, as with most anything Honda-related. Tuan Chau, owner on this 1995 Acura Integra GS-R, was knowledgeable of the JDM frontend that avoided the quad headlight setup completely and instead relied upon attractive one-piece lamps and a more aggressive front bumper starting from the factory. Many before had already done the conversion, but ever since he was 15 Chau had envisioned having one of his own. He found a vehicle for sale in Seattle, went through with all the purchase and hadthat the previous owner had done, Chau took the car out for a few blasts to make sure it absolutely was up to par. Unfortunately, it wasn’t plus a nasty rod knock showed up quickly – a result of a spun rod bearing. Out came the engine, and all of those otherthe car to look factory fresh, he headed to his local Honda parts counter for new seals, more, trim and moldings bolts and clips than he can possibly remember. An Integra Type R five-lug Spoon and conversion calipers were added, and once the paint dried the chassis was ready for anywants to swap a K24/K20 combo into his Civic hatchback, Chau took that K20 and installed it to the 1995 Integra GS-R. To include a little more kick to the 2.0L lump, a Jackson Racing supercharger was bolted on at the start, while an R*Crew header made its way to the backwith his fantastic 1995 Acura Integra GS-R started off on the wrong foot, ultimately, a complete restoration, supercharged heart and of course that JDM frontend conversion that he’d always dreamed about made upcontrolsmost effective engine of theirTechnology Underbody flaps produce downforce or reduce drag as needed

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